How to use PEAT FREE compost successfully

We are so proud of our customers for embracing peat free compost but it is a tough growing medium to work with so we have made a video to help you understand why it is difficult and how you can solve some of the problems. The sooner we all get working together and sharing the pitfalls and solutions the better. Peat will be banned in UK garden centres in 2025.

In this video I make 6 main tips about using the compost;

  • Water lots as peat free does not hold water like peat
  • Feed regularly because as the water drains through peat free faster so it takes any nutrients with it.
  • Consider using organic fertiliser as it is best for the rest of the garden when there is any run off.
  • For hanging baskets you may like to add water retaining gel when you are planting them up.
  • Check your pots with your finger for a dry crust or a soggy bottom. It can seem that you are watering but the water is not penetrating.
  • You may like to create your own compost bin that you can mix in with peat free compost to add goodness and help with water retention.

Our motto is that we do not want to have a beautiful garden at the expense of a beautiful world. So thank you for persevering and we hope you find the video helpful.