Safe Collections and Deliveries

We are happy to help and we want you to stay safe.


Please telephone your order 01473 333309. We take orders 10am until 4pm Monday to Friday and 10am until 2pm on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.

If the phone is engaged then leave your name and number for us to call you back.

We have a PDF available for you to download so that you can see the stock available in the farmshop.

VEGETABLE ORDERS – We will take your order. We will box up your order at the end of each day (this means that we are not mixing with customers in the shop and putting those people or ourselves at greater risk).

We will ring you back the following day to take payment over the phone. We cannot take payment immediately as the vegetables will need to be weighed up. Prices of items are on the PDF although some items vary on a daily basis. All prices are the same as the price in the shop on the day.

PLANT ORDERS – We will take your name and number and someone from the plant team will ring you back.


Having placed and paid for your order you can collect your groceries safely.

Simply drive to the disabled gate, park your car and beep your horn.

One of our young men will come out and ask you (from a 2m distance) your name.

He will bring your order out for you and place it on the table beside the gate and then leave.

Once he has gone you are free to get out of your car and take your groceries.

If you are collecting gardening products with your food then we have the same procedure from the disabled gate. 


Our delivery days are Wednesday and Friday. Cost is £5 in the IP5 area, Kesgrave, Martlesham, Rushmere. For other areas please ask. Days and cost may vary as time goes on depending on demand.

The procedure is the same for ordering over the phone but please remember that you will need to order the day before the delivery day.

We deliver to your doorstep, ring your doorbell, then stand back while you pick it up.

Payment transparency and keeping your information safe.

We take your name, address and phone number on our order form.  Once you collect/receive delivery that form is returned to you and we have no record of your details.  On the form you can see exactly what you have ordered and beside each item you will see the price once it has been weighed. 

The receipt for your transaction is stapled to the order form. We do not write down or store your card details at any time.


While we endeavour to provide what you order there are times when a certain product may run low.  We try to keep on top of this when we are answering the phone but if we are unable to supply your product you are not charged for it.  You can check this by looking to see whether a price has been written next to the item.  If there is no price there is no charge.  Sometimes we take a decision that the vegetables are particularly big or small.  For instance, you may have asked for 4 leeks but we have given you only 3 because the leeks are large.  You will only be charged by weight.

If you have a problem . . .

Please be kind and patient with us.  We are doing the best that we can.  Mistakes sometimes happen and if we have made a mistake just let us know we will be happy to put it right. – Thank you.