New Year

Time to make your garden New Year resolutions and start planning for the year ahead.

Bareroot trees

Bare Root Fruit Trees and Hedging are now in!

At last the bare root and root ball stock arrived and here it is before we heeled it in. We have lots of hedging and fruit trees so you can plant now to enjoy later!

Apples: Braeburn, Bramley, Cox Orange Pippin, Discovery, Ellisons Orange, Gala, Laxtons Superb.

Victoria Plum and Conference Pear.

We have native hedging such as Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Rosa, Field Maple, Spindle and other garden hedging such as Laurel, Yew and Box and Beech.

Ruth has made a video about how to plant bare root trees which can be found in the gardening tips section.

Time to Think

Winter is all about taking time to plan in preparation for the year to come. If you need a boost then you can come and wander around our plant area for inspiration. The whole plant area is outside. Our shrubs are out on the A-Z bed.

We accept National Garden Gift Vouchers

We sell National Garden Gift Vouchers and our own Gift Vouchers too.

At this time of year lots of people have been given vouchers for Christmas and we accept these vouchers here at the nursery. You can spend them on plants, in the farm shop or any garden product.

Wheelbarrow in a snowy garden

Seed Potatoes

The seed potatoes are in the shop from January 8th.

We have a massive mixture of varieties including the favourites such as;

Arran Pilot, Maris Bard, Estima, Nadine, Cara, Pentland Crown, King Edward, Maris Piper, Foremost, Accord.

It is rather cold at the moment but it will soon be time to start chitting. Take a look at Ruth’s blog on the gardening tips page for our recommendations on how to grow your own potatoes.

We also have onion sets, garlic, rhubarb and asparagus.


Traditionally we all have a clear out, clean up and sort out our sheds and greenhouses so we are organised and ready to begin gardening as soon as the weather improves.

We stock the Kew Gardens Tool collection and Darlac cutting tools for the new gardener or for when that favourite tool has given up the ghost.