Garden Centre

We do our best to stock what our customers ask for and over the years we have built up a store of goods that people find useful.

Bags of happy compost


We are pleased to stock many varieties of compost and particularly Peat Free and Peat Reduced compost.  This is kinder to the environment because digging peat impacts on the ozone layer as it is a carbon store.  It is also affecting birds and wildlife that would have flourished in the area. If you want to find out more then you can read all about it here.

Please feel free to ask us for advice on what is best for your needs. Besides multi-purpose, we have ericaceous, tub and basket, organic garden, rose, tree and shrub, bark chip and wood chip, farmyard manure and compost with John Innes.

Please pay at the till then we can load your compost from the gate for you.  It saves you having to push it all the way around the nursery and shop and preserves the life of our trolleys! 

Pots, hanging baskets and tools

Container gardening is becoming ever more popular.  Ruth loves choosing the glazed and terracotta pots.  We like to keep traditional and more contemporary styles.

We hold many lines that are useful for when you are in the garden such as hanging baskets, gloves, string, netting, fleece and ground cover.  We love the quality of the Kew Collection garden tools and Darlac pruning products.  Always ask if you can’t find what you are looking for – we may have it hidden away somewhere!

“We have everything you need for the perfect hanging baskets”

Chemicals and fertilisers

We have a shed beside the potting shed with a full selection of fertilisers and chemicals, some of which are organic.  Customers often come to us for advice on what is happening in their gardens and we do our best, from a safe distance, to help you.


We sell turf from a local grower.  Please come in to order or ring to check that we have turf available.  We stock Regal turf, which is a high quality, hard wearing turf that is suitable for all lawns.  Each turf is 1 metre square and measures 61cm by 164cm.  We ask for a minimum order of 10 rolls but when we place an order we try to add a few extra for if people need the odd roll to repair a patch in the garden.

Plant pots stacked for sale

Garden furniture & ornaments

If you are hoping for something special for your garden then look no further.  We have arches, arbours, obelisks, benches and tables in wood and ironwork. The range of concrete bird baths, ornaments, mirrors and ceramic decorations are popular with our customers.

It’s official – Gardening is good for us!

We have all you need to start working in your garden and feeling the benefits of fresh air and the nature around you.