Farm Shop

We believe that you can really taste a difference when you eat local and fresh produce.

Fruit and vegetables

You can see lots of our farm shop produce in the field as you come down the drive to the nursery.  We pick our runner beans, rhubarb, butternut squash, beetroot, courgettes, leeks and marrows freshly each day when they are in season. For the flower lovers we also cut our own grown pinks, sweet peas and chrysanthemums. 

Don’t forget to make a special trip in October to choose your pumpkins and gourds.  We grow an array of all shapes and sizes.

We always try to source other products as locally as we can.  We sell local potatoes and free range eggs.  If you fancy a treat we also have homemade cakes from The Mixing Bowl and local ice-cream from Suffolk Meadow! 

Beetroot in a bunch

Have you tried our new range of ready meals?

They are homemade and are come into the shop on a Tuesday.

You can find them in our fridge.

Local Produce

We like to have products that may not be available in the supermarkets.  We sell pickles and chutney’s made by Nahida, Kesgrave, Suffolk Preserves Jams from Henley, Marmalade made by Paul’s mum, Stokes sauces, Curry with Love by two ladies in Bury, Rapeseed cooking oil from fields in Suffolk and Essex, fresh apple juice from Apples from Suffolk and local crisps from Fairfield’s Farm in Essex.

“Like so many people we believe in recycling. Most of our farm shop produce is ‘naked’ to keep our use of plastic to a minimum”

Hay, Straw, Bird Care and Chicken Feed

We sell rectangular hay and straw bales from the farm but we also have smaller bags if you find that easier.  We sell bales and small bags of sawdust for pet bedding.  We stock poultry corn and pellets.

Most of us gardeners love to see our feathered friends and so we have all the favourites for our garden birds.  Sunflower hearts and seeds, wild bird food, peanuts, niger seed, suet, and mealy worms.  It is available pre-bagged, or if, like us, you prefer to avoid single use plastic then just bring a container and you can refill from our tubs.  We stock the feeders too.


We sell nets and bags of logs and kindling.  It is seasoned mixed wood from our farm and surrounding area.  It is cut small enough that it can be used on wood burners.  We also sell smokeless fuel

Paul placing logs on a pile of firewood