Autumn colour, planting bulbs and Halloween fun.

flower bulbs

Bulbs and autumn planting

We have all sorts of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus, alliums and snowdrops.  Plant them now for a wonderful show of colour and cheer in the spring.

Autumn really is the best time for planting in your garden.  It gives plants time to settle in so that they establish well and give good growth in the spring.  We recommend putting in shrubs and trees now to give structure.

Field Grown Wallflowers

Come and pick up a box of freshly dug, bare root wallflowers.

David grows them in the field so they are large, lush and long lasting!

He started lifting at the end of September. Available by the dozen.

Pansies and Violas

In our polytunnel we have lots of pansies and violas to cheer up your garden and they are great for containers by the front door.

If you want to know more about the origins of pansies and violas and why we often think about them as being cheerful companions then Ruth has written a blog all about Pansies and Violas.

Pumpkins in a wooden crate


If you drive along the Main Road at Kesgrave you will also have seen that our pumpkins are growing in the field.  We will be harvesting them in October so come in to choose your perfect pumpkin.  Every one is different.

Our Selfie Seat

This year we have created a Selfie Seat. We have lots of pumpkins, including the white variety called ‘Ghost’!

Plant Based Podcast

Did you hear Josh on the Plant Based Podcast?

Garden influencers Mr Plant Geek and Ellen Mary Gardening came and interviewed him about why he chose to be an apprentice in horticulture.

We are very proud of all our staff and love that our apprentices are hard working and intelligent. We need more people like them in horticulture. You can listen to the podcast here

Trees are in short supply this year so it is good that we grow many trees ourselves and they are available in containers. We have ordered bare root trees from a local supplier too and these should be available in December (once the weather is cold enough for them to be dormant and lifted from the field).

Here is a video all about how to plant your bare root tree.